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Google reopens unlimited photo backup service

Google is partnering with carrier T-Mobile to offer a Google One plan with unlimited Google Photos storage.

Since the end of the unlimited backup service, Google offers several different Google One storage plans, with an option up to 2TB, priced at $9.99 a month or $99 for a year.

T-Mobile is offering unlimited photo storage to its customers, regardless of whether they run a Pixel phone or not. The new plan will offer 2TB of cloud storage for Gmail and Drive, as well as unlimited storage for photos and videos, for $15 per month.

T-Mobile customers can choose a 500GB plan for $5/month, a 2TB plan for $10/month, or 2TB plus unlimited Google Photos for $15 a month.

In many ways, the two lower tier plans are similar to Google's basic options, except that the lowest tier comes with 500GB instead of the 100 or 200GB Google's lower tier plans offer.

All three plans include the option to redeem extended trials for YouTube Premium, Stadia, and other Google services. Like Google's 2TB plan, T-Mobile's mid- and premium tiers come with Google's VPN service, as well as the ability to share 2TB of storage with up to 5 other people.

The unlimited plan also allows users to store their photos and videos in their original resolution, rather than downgrading to save space.

Overall, T-Mobile's options seem like a good deal for most customers. The Unlimited plan is a great option for customers who miss out or need unlimited old Google Photos.

For those who don't use T-Mobile's service, unlimited high-quality photo backup is still available when using Google Pixel products. In particular, Google maintains a lifetime unlimited original photo backup plan for Google Pixel 1 and Pixel Xl (2016) devices.

What is Google Photos?

Google Photos is a photo saving application from the Google+ platform that was launched by Google during Google I/O 2015. This service allows you to automatically upload all your photos and videos to the cloud for free and without. limited storage.

In addition to automatic photo backup and freeing up memory, this application is available on both iOS and Android with a lot of interesting features such as creating animations, collages, stories, movies, quick photo sharing, etc. and especially has the ability to recognize faces, classify photos according to many categories intelligently.

How does Google Photos work?

Google Photos supports the compression of heavy photos, which speeds up uploading photos to the archive. In addition, this tool also provides users with 15GB of photo and video storage in their original format.

Google Photos can automatically upload and download photos and videos from devices that have been synced with the user's Google account. For example, after syncing your phone with Google Photo, the photos and videos you use will be uploaded directly to Google Photo's system, so you can easily manage and organize them.

Google Photos will stop storing photos and videos for free

Through updates, Google Photos now also allows users to edit photos directly on the tool, as well as providing a few basic design features, thereby bringing maximum utility. multi-user.

What are the main features of Google Photos?

Yes, Google Photos is a completely free tool, you will not have to spend any money to use the above services and features. Specifically, Google Photos owns 2 functions for you to choose from:

Store photos not exceeding 16MP (Megapixel) and videos in full HD 1080p resolution.

Provides 15GB of storage but keeps the original image quality and resolution.

Smart photo search

Google Photos is integrated with intelligent recognition technology, making it easy for users to search for images in many ways: When the photo is uploaded, scene recognition, and scene in the photo.

Convenient image editing

As mentioned above, the new Google Photos is integrated with image editing features right in the tool, helping to bring maximum convenience to users. With this feature, users can perform basic image editing such as darkening, cropping, and rotating photos.

Although the editing functions are only basic, it is still a necessary addition when you need to "quickly" edit a photo, instead of having to download and put into specialized editing applications. Karma.

Share photos quickly

Once the image has been uploaded on Google Photos, you can easily share it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter. The advantage here is that you do not need to get the link and can still show others the images they share.

Automatically back up photos and videos

This application is available on all mobile devices and computers. It can set up an automatic backup program, after which, photos will be automatically backed up to this platform, helping users save space on mobile storage.

AI-powered and comes with other smart features

Google Photos provides users with a ton of auto-generated extras. For example, it can create photo book collections, grouping images together based on factors like dates, people, and prominent places. Users are also given the option to print and ship those books (for a fee of course.)

The app will also filter photos taken in succession and turn them into GIFs (known as “animates”), while individual photos can be saved as motion pictures – meaning they record video. seconds before and after you've taken the shot. These can also be called Live Photos for iPhone users.

Why is this the best online photo storage today?

It can be seen that Google Photos is a powerful and flexible tool that is easy to use and offers completely free, unlimited storage. For the above reasons, Google Photos is considered as the best online photo storage tool today.

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