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Settings that should not be changed on iPhone

There are some items in the settings that iPhone users should not change to ensure their device works properly.

System date and time. When connected to the Internet, iPhone contacts Apple's servers to set the date and time based on the region. Many users often adjust the time on the iPhone to complete the tasks in the game early. However, this may cause the device to have problems accessing some websites due to the inability to validate the security certificate, and features such as Screen Time may also be unstable. Therefore, I recommend that you install it automatically by going to: Settings > General > Date & time > Set automatically.

 Automatically adjust screen brightness. Ambient-based display is enabled by default on iPhone, and users should not turn off this feature because it makes the content on the screen easy to see in many different lighting conditions. Battery life and screen life can be improved because some people often set the brightness to the highest level but forget to set it to a lower level. In addition, trying to look at a screen that is too bright in the dark or vice versa can affect vision.

Send messages as SMS. iPhone users can download a messaging app or use iMessenger to chat with others. However, there are still many cases where you need to use SMS to register for a network plan or send messages if you don't have internet or don't use iPhone. Therefore, users should not turn off Send as SMS (in Settings > Messages) in order to send messages normally and sometimes at no cost.

Phone number. Users should only change the item My Number (in Settings > Phone) if the information displayed is not correct with the SIM inserted in the device. If you correct the wrong phone number information, iMessenger and some services may have activation problems and may not be able to function as usual.

Set up mobile network. Cellular network related parameters (in Settings > Cellular data > Cellular data network) should be changed only after being instructed or requested by a technician from the carrier. If the wrong configuration is entered, iPhone will not be able to access the internet using 4G or 5G. In this case, the user needs to select Reset settings to return the parameters to default.

With the above information, you should leave the default settings so you should not change them because changing will lead to some features not working or working incorrectly. Hopefully with this article will be useful for new users to use iPhone, iPad.

Besides famous software like iMessage, FaceTime... there are many hidden features of iPhone phones that are underestimated by users.

The iPhone's mute switch is an underrated yet convenient feature. Most iOS users don't realize the benefits of this hardware. Meanwhile, most Android phones lack a toggle switch.

OnePlus is the only Android manufacturer equipped with a toggle to adjust the sound mode.

Tapping the status bar to return to the top is a hidden feature that is loved by many. As the user scrolls the content in the app continuously, simply tap the top bar to return to the original position.

Back up data quickly to new iPhone. When users set up an iPhone just out of the box, Apple provides a tool to transfer all the data on the old device to. This backup includes settings, settings, passwords on the iPhone product you are using.

Apple Pay is a great feature that few people use. Apple Pay not only helps pay with iPhone anywhere, users can make online transactions with other Apple devices with sync accounts. However, this feature is not currently available in Vietnam.

Scanning text with the Note application is a nice feature but few people know. Available from iOS 11, users simply open the Notes app, select expand, and start scanning text. Apple's technology results in straight corners and legible text.

New to iOS 15, the feature of hiding email addresses is still unknown to many users. When signing up for iCloud+, Apple will create a virtual email address to sign in to the required applications. Messages from the above applications and websites will be forwarded by the manufacturer to the user's main email. As a result, customers reduce security risks.

By self-manufacturing both hardware and software, Apple limits annoying applications for users. This is easy to see on Android phones when the application from Google and from the manufacturer perform the same function. On iPhone, users can choose to use an existing app or download a 3rd party application instead.

Password management is a nice feature of iOS. When creating a new account, the system suggests a different and stronger password to use. When logging in again, iOS will automatically fill in characters when the user uses Face ID or fingerprint. Photo: Apple.
 11 great features of the iPhone that few people know
The vibration response on the iPhone is better than the Android models. Apple pioneered this technology with the iPhone 7's Taptic Engine. When used, users clearly feel the feedback from the machine with different positions. When typing, the vibration on the machine also helps users identify the operation more accurately.

Automatically fill in OTP codes from messages to make user operation more convenient. Every time a message containing the login code is sent to the iPhone, the system will automatically record this text. Users only need to open the keyboard and paste these numbers to activate the service. Some Android phones also have this feature, but it doesn't work as well as iOS.

Here are some iPhone manipulation tricks that you may not have exploited, even if you have used many previous iPhone models.

Customize the way your phone vibrates

It will be great when just feeling the vibration of the phone in your pocket, you also know immediately who is calling you.

To do so, in the Contacts application, select the contact name and press Edit, then select the Vibration option.

When you click on it, you will see many different vibration style options, including a tool to customize your way to set up your own "vibration pattern" for each person, which is the Create New Vibration tool.

With this tool, you can create different "leopard styles" for your "mate", your kids or even your "boss" without looking at your phone. This feature will be useful for those who often have to meet all day and constantly keep the phone in silent mode.

Similar to how to personalize the vibration signal, you can also set up separate ringtones and flash alerts for important people in your contacts.

Edit the pronunciation of virtual assistant Siri

Siri virtual assistant is an effective support tool in indicating weather information, direction and sports results on iPhone.

However, there are times when Siri cannot pronounce correctly due to problems with names of people and place names, which are derived from languages ​​other than English.

You can completely help "tune" Siri when it pronounces wrong so as not to repeat the mistake next time.

Accordingly, every time Siri mispronounces a word, say "That's not how you pronounce (….)". fix for Siri.

Siri will then ask you what the correct pronunciation is, and you can correct it.

Shake to clear

When composing in any application (like Mail, Messenger or Notes), or when using editing tools (Cut, Copy or Paste), you can shake the phone to cancel typing, shake again again to return to the previous action (undo).

After shaking your phone, a dialog box asking to confirm your intention will appear for you to once again confirm your desired action. Click Confirm or Cancel to confirm or cancel the operation.

However, if this feature happens too often to make you angry, turn it off in Settings. Here, choose General → Accessibility → Shake to Undo → turn off.

Easily scan QR codes

Previously, to scan a QR code, users had to download an application specialized for this, install it on their iPhone, and then scan it.

But now with iOS 11, the iPhone's camera will automatically recognize when it is scanning a QR code. You just need to turn on the camera and scan the QR code, it will automatically work according to the pre-programmed program such as opening a website, making a contact or playing a video.

Hide private photos

Inside the Photos app, select one or more photos, then click the Share button → choose Hide.

After doing this, the photos you selected will not appear in sections like Moments, Collections and Years, but will still be viewable to the right of Albums.

If you want to hide your photos even more thoroughly, you can look to specialized applications for this like Private Calculator.

Expand more memory

iPhone is limited in memory capacity right from the user's initial purchase version with 64GB or 256GB types. This is different from most Android phones that have a microSD card slot.

However, with Kingston's DataTraveler Bolt Duo device (from 59 USD), you can connect to your iPhone via the Lightning port to store photos and videos. With the accompanying application, this is really the "perfect duo" for those who want to expand the storage of their iPhone.

Besides, iOS 11 OS also offers some new ways to help improve your storage capacity. Among them are more efficient file formats for videos and photos, and enable data synchronization in iCloud for Messages ((Settings > Messages > Messages on iCloud).

Flight information tracking

Just type the flight number into the address bar of the Safari browser, and you will see the flight-related details "jump out" on the iPhone screen without needing to install any other applications.

When you tap on the results, you'll see not only the updated flight time and status, but also the plane's real-time location on a map. With this feature, picking up relatives, friends or colleagues at airports is easier than ever.

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