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iPhone 15 does not have a physical SIM slot, supports dual eSIM?

According to some rumors, the iPhone 15 will remove the physical SIM card slot.

iPhone 14 is still many months away from launch. However, in a strange way, rumors surrounding the features of the 2023 iPhone models, temporarily called the iPhone 15, have begun to appear on the internet. The iPhone 15 Pro model is said to remove the physical SIM card slot. Apple, which introduced eSIM support on the iPhone XR, XS, and iPhone XS Max, is said to be planning to remove the physical SIM card slot from future iPhones.

iPhone 15 features introduced

Update: It is possible that Apple will remove the physical SIM slot starting with some iPhone 14 models, instead of some iPhone 15 models as originally rumored, but wait and see as nothing is certain yet.

A Brazilian news site reports that the iPhone Pro 2023, iPhone 15 Pro models will not have a physical SIM slot and will have eSIM technology for connectivity, the upcoming iPhones are said to come with support. dual eSIM support. However, it is unclear whether the non-Pro models will have a physical SIM card slot or if they will also be removed.

The fact that Apple is planning to get rid of the SIM card slot is not surprising as the tech giant is said to be finally shipping iPhones without a charging port, and the removal of the physical SIM slot seems like the first step. first for that.

While Apple may launch an iPhone without a SIM card slot, the company is expected to continue to offer a version with a SIM slot in countries where eSIM service is not available.

However, these are just rumors and it is too early to say anything about the features of the iPhone 15 that could launch in 2023. It is all speculation and there is no concrete evidence to support it. these reports. In the end, however, there is so much interest in the iPhone topic that even the tiniest bits of information get blown out of proportion.

Undeniably, the tech giant Apple has regularly introduced new features to its users. The company first introduced Qi wireless charging technology on iPhones in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X series. In 2020, Apple also introduced a range of MagSafe-branded wireless charging devices.

Former Apple design chief Jony Ive envisioned the iPhone as a "single pane of glass," and that eliminating the SIM card slot would be another step toward a seamless design and improved resistance. water in the process. Removing the SIM card slot will also free up some space inside the iPhone so the iPhone's designs can also change to give it a more impressive look.

In addition, these rumors also indicate that Apple plans to remove the Lightning port from the iPhone. However, 2023 is still quite a long time, we have to wait and see if other reliable sources confirm this information in the future.

Information on some technology websites said that Face ID technology on the iPhone 15 Pro will be hidden under the screen.

According to information on South Korea's The Elec, the iPhone 15 Pro will be the first iPhone to have all the essential Face ID sensors housed inside its display. Samsung Display is said to be the unit responsible for producing screen panels for this product. Predicted, iPhone 15 Pro will launch in 2023.

The technology world believes that, although the iPhone 14 can remove the notch for the tablet and hole design, the iPhone 15 Pro generation can completely eliminate this.

Samsung is said to be developing a new underlying camera component that would allow Apple to effectively hide the Face ID system behind the display.

According to The Elec, the new technology will first roll out to Samsung's Fold lineup in 2023. The report says that Samsung is working with Canada's OTI Luminotics on the technology, including 'a layer of flowers' Metallic text using cathode masking material.

In April 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that he believes Apple will introduce an under-display Face ID system by 2023.

Face ID isn't the only technology rumored to be moving under the screen, either. Many, including expert Kuo, have suggested that Touch ID will return to the iPhone in 2023, but will be placed under the screen instead of in the Home Button.

"Even if your iPhone runs out of battery during the day, there's still a good chance you'll find your iPhone in a few hours," Apple said.

In iOS 15, tracking iPhone through Find My will still work even when powered off. It seems that with this version of iOS 15, your iPhone will enter a "low battery" state and act as an AirTag. This allows the iPhone to be able to send and receive bluetooth signals about its location to nearby iOS devices.

This means that even if your iPhone runs out of battery during the day, you still have a chance to find your iPhone in a few hours, this information is confirmed by Apple. In addition, this feature will continue to work even if the phone has been factory reset if you have Activation Lock enabled.

Apple will notify users of these changes through alert dialogs after the iPhone updates to iOS 15 are running low on battery for the first time.

If you want your iPhone to be completely turned off, you can change it in settings and turn off low-power Find My mode completely.

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