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Instructions to change Youtube custom URL

If you have your own YouTube channel, you can set a custom URL for your channel. This is great for branding your channel as it is easily recognized and noticed and shared by users.

But what if you have set a custom URL, can you change it a second time? You might want to do this for a variety of reasons, such as after changing the channel name, the channel owner, or the custom URLs no longer relevant to your channel and you want to change them.

You can totally do this but it will be a bit complicated because more precisely once you have changed the custom URL once you will not be able to change it again the next time. However, we have a way that is to delete the existing custom URL, then request a new custom URL on Youtube.

Here's how you can do that.

Step 1: Update Custom URL

- Go to your Google My About page.

- Click and account icon on the top left of the page and select the brand account for the Youtube channel you want to change the custom URL. If it's not listed there, click All Brand Accounts to see all your channels.

- Doing this will open the About Me page for your channel. In the website, you can see your current channel URL in the custom URL. To edit it, tap the pencil icon next to the site title.

- A window pops up, delete the current custom URL by clicking the X icon next to it.

- Click Ok to save the changes.

Step 2: Set up a new custom URL

- You can now easily set up a new URL by going to Youtube, logging into your channel and selecting Settings.

- Open Advanced Settings by clicking the link to view advanced settings or the last menu option.

- You'll see that you're eligible for a custom URL since you removed the old URL. So click the link next to You're eligible for a custom URL, then, in the Get custom URL box, select a new URL that's already been accepted.

- Agree to the custom URL terms of use, then click the Change URL button and confirm.

- Now all you do is wait as it can take a few days for the old URL to be deactivated.

Please note, changing the new custom URL for your Youtube channel the old URLs will no longer be accessible so if you have shared or have a lot of fans then you should not change the URL, better First of all, create a new Youtube channel and you will have a new custom URL.

The next video autoplay feature is very useful for music streaming needs using the world's largest video sharing platform YouTube. Learn how to play videos continuously on YouTube with detailed instructions right here.

The way to play videos continuously on YouTube is a useful feature that helps people who enjoy listening to music on YouTube can not worry too much about choosing the next song video. The following tutorial will show you how to seamlessly play YouTube videos on any supported device right in the article below.

To change your YouTube TV autoplay next video setting, do the following:

Open the YouTube TV app on your Smart TV.

Go to the “Settings” section, normally a quick access to the Settings panel, tap the Menu button of your TV remote navigate to Settings and press OK.

Navigate with arrows or if you're using a mouse, scroll down to the category called Autoplay.

Click OK on the TV remote to turn the feature on or off.

How to turn on and off autoplay videos on the YouTube mobile app

The following instructions are the same whether you're using the YouTube app for Android or for iOS. They also apply to YouTube on mobile web browsers.

Follow these instructions if you want to enable or disable autoplay on the YouTube mobile app.

Open the YouTube app or with your phone's web browser.

If you're not signed in to your Google account, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner. And if you want to use it without saving your YouTube viewing habits, you don't need to log in.

Search or select any video to start the video player on the YouTube app and start watching it (without setting the video to full screen).

Find the AutoPlay button at the top of the player. Select it to turn it from clear white to opaque white.

Note: Videos won't autoplay if you're connected to a cellular network and have been inactive for at least 30 minutes. When connected to Wi-Fi, autoplay videos will stop playing after up to four hours.

In addition, there is a way to automatically play videos on YouTube for phones, which is to go to the Settings section of the application to customize, how to do it as follows:

Tap your Google account profile picture in the app home screen.

Select Install.

Scroll down to the “Autoplay next video” section. Toggle the switch to on with the color indicated as blue.

How to play video continuously on YouTube computer

Follow these instructions to disable autoplay through the desktop versions of YouTube.

1. Access the YouTube website using your computer's web browser by following the following link:

The world's largest online video site is here.

2. Search or select any video to go to its page and start watching it. You don't have to watch everything and can choose to pause it.

3. In the video player, notice the icon with 2 vertical lines on the timeline and video controls. swipe it to switch to the triangle icon.

Above are detailed instructions on how to play videos continuously on YouTube for all platforms. You don't have to think too much if you don't want to waste time choosing a video to watch, leave it to YouTube to suggest you.

3 new features on YouTube to make your video viewing experience better

1. New YouTube video watch gesture

Previously, to open a YouTube video in full screen mode, you had to click the zoom icon in the lower right corner. However, now users only need to touch the video playback screen and swipe up to enter full screen mode, or swipe down to exit.

Note: For YouTube iOS, when swiping down to exit full screen mode, swipe from the center of the screen, not from the top.

2. Turn on subtitles right at the video interface

Previously, to enable or disable subtitles on a video, you had to access the settings and do a lot of work. However, with the new version of YouTube, the subtitles feature - CC and Autoplay - Automatically output the video interface for users' convenience.

Currently, YouTube Android and iOS versions have this feature. With YouTube the computer version will be updated as soon as possible.

3. Reminds you it's bedtime

To turn on the Bedtime Reminder feature, go to your Account, select Watched duration.

In the Watched duration section, turn on the Remind me to go to bed feature. Set start and end times, and choose how reminders are displayed. Alternatively, you can also ask YouTube to remind you to stop watching after a certain amount of time.

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