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How to open Messenger chat bubbles on iPhone

The Messenger chat bubble on iPhone has been gradually updated for some accounts so that we can text on the Message chat frame easily, instead of having to go directly to the Messenger application as before.

This feature has been around for a long time with Android users when you can turn on the chat bubble on Messenger quickly and very simply. However, users should note, currently the chat bubble feature on iPhone only updates for some accounts. The following article will guide you to turn on Messenger chat bubbles on iPhone.

Chat bubbles on iPhone help users read messages faster. It appears on the screen to help users quickly reply to messages, without having to go back and forth to the Messenger application.

Step 1: Select the 3 dashes icon on the Facebook app

Step 2: Select Settings & Privacy

Step 3: Select Settings

Step 4. Select Messenger Notifications

Step 5: Click on the chat bubble

It's done like that. Good luck!

After enabling the Messenger chat bubble feature, when surfing Facebook and seeing the message, you can click read quickly. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately experience the Messenger chat bubble feature. It's simple right? If your Facebook hasn't seen this feature yet, please wait. It will come soon to all users.

Bubble chat messenger is a prominent feature on Facebook Messenger of Android phones. With chat bubbles you can read and reply to messages while using other applications without having to go directly to the Messenger application like on iPhone.


Chat bubbles are a feature of Facebook Messenger that brings many interesting values ​​to users.

We can receive faster chat content. Respond faster. Something like Facebook via Chat Bubbles makes it difficult for users to want to miss messages.

With chat bubbles you can read and reply to messages while using other applications without having to go directly to the Messenger application like on iPhone. It helps you to text faster. No interruptions while using other apps.


The downside of Chat Bubbles is that it can be heavy.

It's annoying because it's bouncing around on the screen.

Chat content sometimes appears right on the screen for anyone to see if they are looking at the screen.

Or get noticed by the good sound that appears on the screen.

The Chat Bubble is a circular icon on the screen. When someone chats, the content will appear as shown in the picture.

After a few seconds, it will hide inside with a red dot informing you of the number of unread user messages.

Chat Bubbles can be moved and placed anywhere on the Android home screen. It also overrides other applications if you agree.

When clicking on the Chat Bubble, it will open a full chat window like this.Press back or home to bring it back to home.

To turn off the Chat Bubble, drag it to the letter X below the screen.

Should or should not use chat bubbles on iOS

The chat bubble feature on iOS is currently only available in the Facebook app. Unlike Android where chat bubbles can be used on any application. This is a point that is being criticized by many users, but this is also an advantage when you only receive chat bubbles when using Facebook without worrying about jumping into other applications.

According to my personal assessment, this feature is very useful. It also only works when you're on Facebook and you can completely turn the chat bubble feature on and off in the settings.

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