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How to move Outlook folder to new computer

Transferring Outlook data from one computer to another is quite easy and doesn't take much time. You may want to move your Outlook data folders to a new computer, or you may want the data files from the old version of Outlook to be transferred to the new version. Here's how to move your Outlook data folder to a new computer.

The first thing you need to know when you want to transfer or migrate Outlook data to a new computer you can extract the Outlook data to be transferred.

Outlook data is stored in a data file called PST (Personal Archive Table) with the extension .pst or an OST file with the extension .ost.

Outlook data is exported to a PST data file that includes Outlook properties such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. We can use this to transfer data to a new computer or create a backup very easily.

Using this tool, I was able to move Outlook data to a new computer instantly with a few simple clicks.

Transfer Outlook data to new machine using Outlook backup and migration tool

1. Download and install Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate Tool.

2. Tap the Backup option.

3. On the next screen, choose between Smart Backup or Advanced Backup option. Click Next.

4. Click View Report to see a list of backed up folders.

5. Next, install the application on another computer and migrate the backed up Outlook data.

Move Outlook folders to a new computer using the built-in Import/Export feature

1. Open Outlook, click the File tab, then click Import & Export.

2. Select the Export to file option, then press Next.

3. Then select Outlook data file (.pst) as the file type and click Next.

4. Next select the properties you want to have in your .pst file (i.e. the data items you want to transfer to your new computer) and click on the option Browse.. and choose the path to save the file.

5. Transfer the saved exported pst file to the target computer, then import it into Outlook.

Have you tried both of the above methods to see which is the most efficient way to move your Outlook files from one computer to another.

Good luck!

Perhaps many people are not familiar with Outlook 365, a Microsoft product known as a new product with many advantages, a direct competitor to Gmail, the longtime online mail management tool. But few people know that besides those superior features, it still has disadvantages. Do they have any effect on your work, and is there a way to deal with it?

Office 365 can be accessed via web browser from PC or Smart Cellphones, is an e-mail application for efficient management of E-mails, Schedules, Contacts...

Outlook365 email client offers the following features to its users:

Email Pin: The pin feature in the email client allows users to pin individual emails. These emails are displayed at the top of the mailbox in yellow.

One Click Archiving / Sweep Spams: Outlook 365 comes with effective spam and junk filtering features.

Email display: It has a very compact and attractive email display line, an extra window is present on the right side of the inbox screen. A sub-window is an area with an email popup when hovered over.

Calendar and task management: There is an icon at the bottom left for the calendar and another icon for the task. Calendar opens in the navigation pane when the icon is clicked, the screen helps to schedule appointments, events allows for quick editing and reordering. In addition, it also gives a 5-day weather forecast.

Compose an Email: With the help of features like custom borders, email resizing, image shadow effects, and image rotation have made it even easier.

Multiple Accounts: Outlook 365 allows you to manage multiple IMAP/POP3/Exchange and MSN accounts.

Collaborate easily: With Outlook 365, users get various online collaboration and sharing tools like Sway, Yammer, OneNote, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and more.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Outlook 365

Although there are many good features of Outlook 365, there are still some points that it cannot overcome:

Downtime: Sometimes due to errors or other factors Outlook 365 may not be accessible.

Unable to rollback: If a new update is available for any Microsoft products and applications, users cannot roll back to the previous version after updating. These features change frequently, and it can be difficult for users to keep track of them.

Confusing for casual Outlook users: There are a lot of settings for custom Outlook views that can be confusing for older users. For example, the menus and options have been moved to different areas making it difficult for old users.

Connection dependent: As a cloud-based utility, it cannot be used without an internet connection

Compatibility with applications: Sometimes tools that are regularly updated with Outlook 365 cannot be compatible with business tools.

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and trusted email clients. A new product always has temporary errors that cannot be completely fixed. However, if users consider the advantages and disadvantages of Outlook 365, they will know that this is a great application for Email management. And for the purpose of this article, Vdotrading system wants to provide information to let users better understand Outlook 365 to use its maximum efficiency and productivity.

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