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Fix computer keyboard freeze, slow response

If you are a regular computer user, it is inevitable that the computer sometimes encounters errors, especially with the keyboard while typing, especially with the removable keyboard connected via Bluetooth, there is a phenomenon. jerky, lag, slow recovery and constant freeze. That is, after you type for a while, new text appears.

However, before coming to the solutions below, you need to make sure that the cause is not from other errors. Because sometimes your computer running slow is also the cause of your slow keyboard.

So, try restarting the computer and check the keyboard again, if there is another keyboard available, connect to see if the same phenomenon occurs or not.

Method 1. Change keyboard properties

Step 1: Press the Win + R key combination to open the Run dialog box, then command control keyboard and press Enter to open Keyboard Properties.

Step 2: In the Character Repeart area, there are two sliders Repeart delay and Repeart rate. Try adjusting the level of these 2 sliders and check by typing text in the box below.

Step 3: After you have adjusted the ideal level, click Apply and Ok to finish.

Method 2. Update the keyboard driver

Sometimes the keyboard signal delay error can also be caused by its keyboard driver being old, outdated or conflicted. Please try to update the latest driver, please do the following:

Step 1: Go to Device Manager using the keyboard shortcut Win + X.

Step 2: You find the keyboard driver then double click on it.

Step 3: Go to the Driver tab and then touch Update Driver.

Step 4: Select Search automatically for drivers.

Step 5. Wait for a while to update the driver.

Method 3. For wireless keyboard

If you are using a wireless keyboard then try the following:

Replace the battery: It is possible that the keyboard is delayed or cannot type because the battery is dead. Replace the keyboard battery or charge the keyboard battery and try again to see if the problem is resolved.

Check the connection: Try plugging the keyboard's USB back into another USB slot. If possible, place the keyboard near the computer to see if the problem has resolved.

Replace the keyboard with a new one: If you have tried everything and also brought the keyboard to another device but still have the same phenomenon, then it is highly likely that the keyboard is faulty or damaged. It's time to replace your keyboard with a new one.

hile using, you encounter a case where the laptop keyboard is paralyzed with some keys, you can do one of the cases below.

When you encounter a case where your laptop's keyboard is paralyzed with some keys, you will think that the keyboard is broken and there is only way to replace the keyboard, but no, if the errors you encounter are the same as below, I will show you the solutions. how to fix it so that you don't have to replace the new keyboard.

In case the number key cannot be pressed

If you can't press the number key on your laptop, it's possible that the Num Lk function key has been turned off, you just need to turn on the Num lk key on the laptop.

In case of a stuck key

Laptop after a period of use, dust is inevitable and during use can make a key stuck and you can't type some keys.

To fix it, you often look on the keyboard to see if there is a safe button, if there is, use your hand to push that button up.

In case you can press the button at any time?

This case is also due to dirt making the connection between the rubber and the circuit board limited. Now we need to clean the keyboard in the slot.

In case of water being poured in

This case is quite dangerous when we need to quickly turn off the computer and not turn on the computer. The best way I advise you is to go out and take the laptop out and clean it all the way.

This case not only damaged the keyboard but also damaged your entire laptop.

In case of a virus

A rather confusing case is a virus that makes your keyboard paralysed and unable to type some buttons.

The way to fix it is to install anti-virus software and clean the virus on the computer.

In case the laptop keyboard is locked

You cannot type any buttons on the keyboard, now there are 2 cases that are broken keys, or locked laptop keyboard.

You need to go to the laptop keyboard unlock section to see if it's locked, if it's locked, just unlock it to be able to use it, or you can read this article: how to unlock the laptop keyboard

In case the machine is still under warranty

If you don't know how to handle it, we can bring it to a service center and ask the company to help you, if there is a problem, we will also be able to replace the keyboard with a new one at no cost.

When you encounter a case where your laptop's keyboard is paralyzed with some buttons like the above article, you can fix it yourself, but if you can't fix it, maybe your keyboard is paralyzed, now we can only fix it. replace the new keyboard to use.

Good luck!

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