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Facebook Messenger new feature to tag everyone in the group

Currently Facebook Messenger has been updated with a nice new feature, allowing you to tag all the people in the Messenger chat group on your phone at the same time, in addition, you can also send messages without showing notifications, just with quite a simple operation.

Other additions include polls in Instagram DMs, a built-in poll feature that exists in Messenger. Messenger is also adding group typing to group direct messages - no matter what app you're chatting on - to help users know when their friends are typing at the same time. Additionally, since Instagram includes video content, users will now be able to use Messenger's existing Watch Together feature to view Instagram posts such as stories and IGTV videos at the same time.

Note: This new feature is only available on mobile phones. Messenger on computers has not yet been updated to this feature, but it will be available soon in the future.

To tag all members in a Facebook Messenger chat group or send a message without showing the message to the recipient, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: You need to update Messenger on your phone to the latest version. Go to CH Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) to check.

Step 2: After successfully updating to the latest version, you can go to any chat group where you need to tag people or send messages without notifying the recipients.

Then, in the text editor box, enter @ to open the list of members you want to tag, scroll down to the bottom of the table of members who can tag. You will see an @Everyone entry, select it and then hit submit and you can tag people.

Similarly, to send a message without notification, you just need to select the @Silent item, then compose a message and send it to be able to send a message without displaying the message content to the recipient. This feature applies not only to group chats, but also to individual chats.

When someone is mentioned with a tag, instead of just seeing someone who replied in the chat, that person will receive a new type of notification letting them know they have been specifically tagged. That way, it's easy to just jump back into the conversation and answer that exact question. The cool thing is that everyone in the chat will see the call, but only the person in question will receive the special call. And of course, as with anything on Facebook, you can choose not to receive notifications.

Try it now, it's pretty fun!

According to Facebook, conversation threads, late-night video calls, shares of the latest GIF-format memes, and even the perfect emojis or stickers to express a mood shared via Messenger have contributed. made for a decade filled with fond memories of people who, despite being geographically apart, always felt spiritually connected.

Over the course of 10 years, Messenger has undergone a drastic transformation with the goal of helping people stay connected with the people they love, which has never changed. According to Simple Texting's 2021 market report, 78% of users say checking, replying, and sending out messages is the most common activity they do on their smartphone every day.

On the occasion of its 10th birthday, Messenger launches 10 groups of new product features to help users continue to make memories with family and friends.

The game helps to understand more about my friends

Favorite Poll feature on Messenger. Therefore, Messenger decided to change it up a bit with a new Poll Game called "Most likely to".

Join the fun, you'll have a chance to discover what your friends really think about certain topics. Select "Poll", select "Most Likely Will" to select questions and assign players. The questions are varied, for example who is "most likely to miss the flight", "most likely to fight zombies when they all run away" or you can also ask your own question.

Birthday gift giving feature with Facebook Pay

Particularly for users in the US, you can send or receive gifts in cash directly via Messenger. When they receive the gift, they will be notified on Messenger and Facebook, with the gift message "wrapped" and sent with virtual balloons.

After confirming the details on Facebook Pay, the money will be transferred to their bank account. To send a gift, they just need to go to the Facebook app on their mobile device, tap the button next to a friend's birthday post on Facebook News Feed or in that friend's profile.

Tools for birthdays

To add to the celebration, try the new Birthday Chat Themes and the "Happy 10th Anniversary Messenger!" sticker set! The app has just been released. Fill the sky with purple and blue balloons with the 360 ​​Birthday Balloons Background Frame and blow out the birthday candles with the Birthday AR effect.

Users can also send a birthday-themed Soundmoji and use Message Effects to add confetti to the congratulatory message.

A new way to share contacts

When it comes to celebrations, the more the merrier! It's easy to share Facebook contacts with friends via Messenger, by selecting the contact you want to share, accessing chat settings and tapping Share contact under More actions.

Customize chats with word effects

Celebrating your 10th birthday, Messenger tells you about Word Effects, a new way to tag words with emojis that mean something to you and your friends.

In conversations, these words will activate selected emoticons, helping you to highlight a joke, recall an old memory, or add jubilation after congratulations. . Word effects will be available on Messenger soon.

On the personal Facebook page, CEO Meta Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Messenger messaging application has added a notification feature when the conversation is screenshotted.

"A new update is available for end-to-end encrypted chats on Messenger. With this new feature, you'll get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of a message before it disappears. We is also adding GIFs, stickers and expression features to encrypted chats," the Facebook boss wrote.

This feature is said to help users better protect their privacy, avoiding someone taking a picture of the message and spreading it to the outside. In fact, this is not the first time the message screenshot notification feature has been updated on Meta's platforms (formerly Facebook). Last November, Vietnamese Instagram accounts were all updated with this feature.

Previously, Facebook Messenger chats were not encrypted end-to-end by default, which meant users had to enable the feature. While Messenger is getting some improvements, Meta still plans to encrypt all chats by 2023 when they integrate Instagram and Messenger chats.

In a Telegraph interview last year, the global head of safety at Meta, Antigone Davis, spoke about the company's efforts to provide a more secure platform:

"At Meta, the company that owns Facebook and WhatsApp, we know people expect us to use the safest technology available, which is why all the personal messages you send on WhatsApp are is end-to-end encrypted and why we're working hard to make it a default feature across the rest of the apps."

Meta first promised encrypted chat as early as 2022, but now that has changed. "We're taking our time to get this right, and we don't plan to finish rolling out encryption globally by default across all of our messaging services until around 2023. ", he said.

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