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2022 could be a strong development of Blockchain

The technologies worth waiting for in 2022, according to the Guardian, predicting the change of some technologies in 20202.

Twitter could be more efficient. Twitter is also a popular social networking platform but does not generate large profits like Facebook. Investors are also worried that Twitter lags behind the competition in features, revenue per user, and diversity in monetization. Many people view Twitter as part of their income but not the main source.

This could change in 2022 when Twitter tests super follow, a paid feature to follow celebrities and watch exclusive content. The company also acquired news platform Revue. With co-founder Jack Dorsey leaving as CEO, Twitter is likely to be the big name in 2022.

NFTs can thrive. Acting as a virtual signature, the NFT proves the authenticity of the artwork, where the blockchain serves as an irrevocable proof of ownership. In 2021, many works of art in the form of NFT will be released. Still, some are skeptical of their true value, given the blurred line between ownership of works and ownership of the blockchain associated with them.

However, in 2022, NFT will still be talked about a lot, but users should consider before selling or buying NFT, especially the platform fees can reach hundreds of USD in addition to the possibility of devaluation. But it is predicted that NFT will still thrive in the near future.

Uber struggled to deliver. The economy of delivery and transportation is still growing in some countries amid the outbreak of the pandemic. However, this market return is not growing. Uber has raised prices by 10% in the UK but is still struggling to find drivers.

The driver force is also a new competitive factor when a series of fast delivery startups are born, providing high discounts for drivers but still ensuring low delivery fees. However, according to the Guardian, many companies in this field will fail or merge in 2022.

Twitter CEO will start a blockchain company. The Twitter co-founder doesn't hide his crypto interest on his personal page. After Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter CEO, he changed the name of the online payment company Square to Block. In 2022, it is likely that Dorsey will establish a subsidiary related to blockchain.

Virtual reality (VR) technology. When it comes to VR, they still stick to bulky glasses. Even when introducing the virtual universe (metaverse), Facebook also takes VR glasses as the central device. In 2022, VR can play an important role and attract more users.

Indie games conquer the market. 2021 has been a memorable year for many indie games, including the return of No Man's Sky after years of being considered a "bomb". Meanwhile, the killer game is still the advantage of Among Us in the context of the pandemic outbreak, besides names like Garden Story, Sbale... In 2022, there will be many indie games worth watching. waiting user.

The traditional gateway will return. In 2021, Apple brings connectivity ports like HDMI, MagSafe and SD card slot back to the Macbook Pro line. If laptop manufacturers have followed Apple's footsteps in removing ports, hopefully they will also add old ports on devices launched in 2022.

Above are the remarkable technologies that will thrive in 2022. And you, what are you waiting for?

What will the future of Blockchains look like?

Blockchain is considered one of the large, digitized and potentially widely distributed data sets.

However, the working principle of Blockchain is to create a cohesive community, not a single one.

At first, Blockchain was the first application used for the entry of Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. However, today, Blockchain has been applied in almost all fields.

The ability to exploit Blockchain technology in modern society, especially today's 4.0 society has shown the strength and prospect of Blockchain.

Blockchain offers great savings and high security.

Blockchain technology makes a change in the world in both life and business

Since its inception, Blockchain technology has created many changes and changes in the world.

Accordingly, now and in the not too distant future, Blockchain promises to become one of the "key" technologies for the development of the world, creating many great changes.

Society moves towards electronic transactions

Blockchain technology with the growth of Bitcoin has set many prospects for payments and transactions in cryptocurrency.

Blockchain has been designed to keep a record of all transactions that take place on a P2P network. Blockchain acts as an anonymous ledger.

Although the details of transactions are kept secret, the ledger is public.

So people can view it to confirm that a transaction has taken place or not.

Blockchain technology helps to reduce costs, increase transparency and bring efficiency.

In addition, electronic payment using Blockchain technology creates an electronic bank where two parties are exchanged directly without any other third party.

Everything can become a service

With the rise of Blockchain technology, people will be exposed to a big data system, high security where everything can become a service.

The main application of Blockchain technology is to expand relationships, databases and social interaction.

According to a survey by consulting firm Accenture, regulators acknowledge blockchain as playing an important role in the success of banks as well as financial companies.

The analysts also highlighted that banks around the world will save $20 billion by 2022 by adopting blockchain technology.

Some financial analysts believe that, in the not-so-distant future, blockchain will replace current bank transfer systems.

Another application that blockchain brings to banks is a customer identification system based on a distributed ledger.

This is really effective because all banks and credit institutions must have an eKYC (Know Your Customer) authentication process.

Blockchain allows users to verify their identity in one simple step, and this information is stored and authorized for other banks in the system.

Banking and financial activities are directly related to the guarantee of deposits and loans.

But at some major banks in the world today, the guarantee is still uncertain.

Accordingly, the number of jobs in the financial and banking industry will be lost, leading to many financial and banking staff may be unemployed.

Possibility of electronic voting

In addition to applications in finance and banking, the booming Blockchain technology has also become one of the new predictions for the future of elections.

Accordingly, with the Blockchain model, each voter in the election process will own a "crypto wallet" and will have a unique "cryptocurrency".

According to this model, when the election takes place, if they want to vote for someone, they will be able to do it using the application right on the Blockchain.

At the same time, they also have the right to change their own votes before the specified time limit.

Voting using Blockchain technology helps to reduce the national budget deficit in each election, and at the same time creates publicity, transparency and fairness for candidates.

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